Netcom Training, training arm of IBEW Local 213

Netcom Training is the educational arm of IBEW Local 213, a non-profit training organization of the Telecommunications / Low-voltage industries for fibre optic, cable, and more. They help train employees of various government levels, Shaw/Rogers, local IT management companies, and many more.

Netcom Training was previously using a very old version of Joomla and due to PHP versions could not be updated. They understood it was time to migrate to a modern platform and tech stack to stay secured, easy-to-update, and allows for significant improvements to their SEO.

We redesigned the website to be mobile-friendly/responsive, allow for future growth, and uses a modern design that highlights their brand colours. The new website allows users to register for course events and pay for it directly via PayPal, update their accounts, include a resume for job matching, and a whole lot more.

Disclaimer: The contents of the client’s website are their own.

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