RLM Accounting

The owner of RLM Accounting – operating in Chilliwack, BC – was seeking a complete redesign of their website, as it has had not been updated in many years, was not mobile friendly, and was not ranking well in Google search results. RLM Accounting required improved SEO for discoverability online, as well as offering a modern design design to its visitors.

I created a new website in March 2021 for RLM Accounting using modern web technologies to build and secure the website. It’s clean and colourful, helping it standing out from the competition. It even has a subtle “spreadsheet”-style menu design on desktops, showing the attention to detail. There was an emphasis on SEO to ensure it was going to rank better, as well as a focus on making it mobile friendly.

The new website now ranks much better than it did previously in Google search results, with rankings continuing to improve. It is mobile-friendly now, and is much cleaner and consistently designed across the website all for an improved user experience.

Disclaimer: The contents of the client’s website are their own.

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