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Improving Accessibility on client websites

Over the last couple of months, I have been increasing the accessibility on websites I designed for my clients. This of course all included in the annual Hosting fees, so there is no additional charge for this improvement. What is website Accessibility? Web accessibility (also known as a11y) refers to

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New status page:

A new status page address – changing from to Please subscribe to the new status page if desired, and bookmark it to check for any status updates on various public services I offer.

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Improving domain DNS security with DNSSEC

DNSSEC is a security extension to the DNS protocol. It’s purpose is to secure the DNS systems by cryptographic key exchanges between the client and the domain name servers. This prevents a type of attack called “DNS Cache Poisoning” which can send people to the wrong server when looking up

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How to run a performance test on a website

What is a performance test? A performance test is a way to measure the overall performance of a website. Various performance metrics exists, all with the aim of determining if a site load quickly enough and where to focus efforts if it needs improving. Performance metrics include many different items,

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