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CAA Record Support – Securing your domain

I am happy to introduce support for CAA records, which are used to further secure your websites and online properties. This is a new security feature I am introducing, and if you’re hosting with me and I manage your domain / DNS records, then the changes have already been done

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Announcing improved loading speed for client websites!

I am pleased to announce the most recent project of mine: Optimizing the performance of my clients’ websites, allowing for an improved loading speed! This further improves page ranking in search engines (i.e. SEO), and of course – and perhaps more importantly – improves the user experience of your visitors.

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What to do if your website is hacked or compromised

They say it’s a matter of when not if a business’ digital system gets hacked or compromised. It’s almost inevitable that it will happen, and this can be seen by all the data breaches from companies, even those who are giant corporations who have dedicated digital security teams to securing

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Pricing Changes – Effective October 2020

Due to rising costs to my business, as well as realizing how much I have been doing for free and is prohibiting me from truly growing my business to a more sustainable model, I have unfortunately made the hard decision of needing to increase my pricing for a few services. More information can be found in this post.

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