Pricing Increase – Effective November 2022

Due to global circumstances causing high inflation and a lower Canadian dollar (CAD), my business operating costs have increased significantly. This unfortunately means I must increase my service pricing where needed, while still keeping as it as low as possible where I can. In fact I have reduced some of the add-on pricing where feasible, and am offering a 5% discount to all of my current clients for the upcoming 2023 calendar year on annual service packages.

The last round of price increases was over 2 years ago in October 2020, so I was thankfully able to offer as much value for the price-point as I could despite the various changes in the world today leading to higher prices. At this time though with inflation so high, I cannot financially continue to offer my high-value professional services at the same 2020 prices. It’s time for a renewed and forward-looking pricing table for my services for 2023 and beyond.

Pricing Changes

Here are the highlights of price increases & decreases:

  • Web Hosting package has increased from $26/month to $30/month.
  • Email-only Hosting package has increased from $8/month to $10/month.
  • Add-on pricing has decreased, with an add-on for extra domains as an example where it decreased from $30/year to $25/year.

Reasons Why

The simplest way to explain is it that my own business operating costs have increased, therefore to maintain an effective profit margin to continue to operate sustainably into the future I must increase the costs to my clients as well. I have absorbed as much as I could, opting to increase minimally rather than drastically, however I could not absorb it all completely. Outside factors include inflation, a lower Canadian dollar (CAD) exchange rate (some of my expenses are billed in USD), and general price increases from my platform service providers. This all amounts to a higher than usual increase in prices.

If you have any concerns or questions on this price change, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your continued business and I will always remain competitively priced with high-value service offerings to my clients.

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