Web Design

Why you need a New or Updated Website

You need a new or updated website if you…

  • Don’t currently have one
  • Are a new business
  • Want more customers to improve your revenue
  • Need to freshen your brand
  • Intend to sell your products online

There are enormous benefits to having a website, no matter how large or small a business you may be. The benefits of having a website include…

  • Having full control of your content and company image
  • Encouraging more people to contact you, well-designed forms can help you better organize your leads
  • Being found online when people search for your business industry or even your company name from referrals
  • A whole lot more!

The Design Process

The process is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Have a quick chat!

We will discuss your business, industry, your goals, requirements, and much more to find you the perfect solution! I will send you a project estimate based on our discussion.

2. Initial Deposit & Draft

A small deposit will need to be paid up front, then I will quickly draft up the discussed solution and will check in as needed so we make sure we're heading in the right direction.

3. Review & Completion

We will review the solution as it nears completion, make any last-minute changes if needed, and then finally review the solution when it's done to ensure complete satisfaction.

If you’re interested in a new website or a redesign of your existing one, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

Case Studies & Portfolio

Tap on the images for the related case study which includes what the client needed and how I delivered it for them. 

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