Terminal City Iron Works

Ron (from RPC Integrated Technologies) came to me with a task: migrate an already-built website that was hosted by Yellow Pages at that time.

What was interesting about this, was it was a unique task for me. I say unique because I was not building it from scratch initially and was not migrating an existing site, because as it turns our Yellow Pages does not offer the website files for migration. After finding this out, I ended up having to make the website from scratch, however the downstream client requested that it look and feel the same. So not only was I building a website from scratch, I had to make many customizations and effectively reverse-engineer the website design so that I could essentially “clone” the design for them.

This took a lot of work, but it was successful and the customer loves it and was thrilled to be paying far less for their monthly hosting fees compared with what Yellow Pages was charging them for hosting the website.

If you want to save money too, get in touch with me today.

Disclaimer: The contents of the client’s website are their own.

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