Integrated Wellness Medical Centre – North Vancouver

In 2016, the owner (Saad) of the company that owns and operates Integrated Wellness Medical Clinic – North Vancouver (“InWellNV”) had approached me as his investment company also owns with Glover Medical Centre and so my name was passed along as a referral.

I quickly got to work on a brand new website for them. The website was started and finished in a short matter of time, able to assist InWellNV out of a tough situation they had found themselves in that year by ensuring their brand was consistently named and linked to from all different business listings for InWellNV. This quickly brought up the traffic referrals to the website and is in my top 3 most visited sites out of my clients. SEO was carefully considered in this website and on their business listings elsewhere such as Google Business Listing service and Yelp and others.

In 2018, it was asked if I could add in a booking service to the site where patients could book appointments. InWellNV had already settled on a hosted service for the booking so I simply integrated their service into the website to offer a well-crafted experience for their patients visiting the website. This saved their front-desk staff a lot of time as they now no longer had to deal with all patient bookings/appointments, allowing them to focus on the items they needed to focus on, and added to the efficiency of the office.

In 2019, we completely re-designed the website for a more modern look and feel, while being infinitely more customizable than the previous site design was, allowing for long-term growth and changes to be made on-the-fly without needing a lot of extra customization work done to fit it in. The new site better serves customers by making critical information easier to find, adding a blog, and better displaying the doctors working at the clinic.

Thank you for your continued business, Saad!

Disclaimer: The contents of the client’s website are their own.

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