Play For Honour

Matt came to me with a request: to make a website which allows people to register and donate to the Honour House Society via his charity event, called the Honour House Hockey Tournament which later became known as Play For Honour.

We started the website for the 2017 event and continued into the 2018 event.

For the 2017 event, we had a lot of manual overhead involved with each new hockey player registration. We enhanced this by using a WordPress plugin which allows people to register and track their own campaign, accept donations via PayPal, and we further customized it to Matt’s liking to include extra fields such as t-shirt size and player skill level. The enhancements we made in 2018 resolved a lot of time sink that we saw in the initial 2017 release of the website. Further improvements will no doubt be used for the 2019 event too.

Matt’s father, Rob, wrote a fantastic review of the services I provided for the 2017 event:

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our website. Having a system in place for people to register and donate on-line has made a huge difference in our ability to raise money. Without that feature I don’t know that we would have been able to make our goal. And the addition of the silent auction “Pay Here” feature was outstanding. Hopefully now that the tournament has taken place you can go back to being a daylight dweller because it looked as though you were becoming nocturnal in order to look after us! You did a great job and your efforts were very much appreciated. We have had several people comment on how professional our site is, and that is a direct reflection of you.

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