Massage Wellness by Nancy

Nancy approached me on Facebook, asking if I could do a website up for her freelance massage business. I was flattered and immediately put together an inexpensive quote for her to review. Soon after, it was accepted by Nancy and the website creation began.

Nancy informed me of her preferences for colours, background images, service images, wording, etc. I put it all together and made a complete single-page website design for her services. We went with the single-page design because this was going to be more of a site with a focus on contacting Nancy and converting viewers to clients than a site with a library of published content. And of course with a focus on optimized SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a single-page site was preferred due to the amount of content available for the site.

Nancy began the transition from being an employee to being her own boss. Congratulations on the new business, Nancy!

Disclaimer: The contents of the client’s website are their own.

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