Dustin Dauncey

Dustin Dauncey

Glover Medical Centre was a walk-in clinic I used in Langley, BC. It had great doctors, great staff, and was nice and close to home. I reached out to Lyne in the office and provided my business card. A few weeks later, I was contacted to create a website for them.

We started out with a website built in 2012 or so, and it was well liked by the client. Analytics showed many visitors and saved them a lot of calls because so much information was put online.

I was later tasked with setting them up for managing their online reviews and business listings in Google Business and Yelp and others, to help them manage their online reputation. 

In January of 2018, we redesigned the website to take advantage of more modern web technologies, improved SEO, made the site mobile-friendly, and probably the most important new feature requested by the client – an online wait time their staff will frequently update so that visitors know ahead of time what the wait time is like so they can best manage their time. Adding that feature saved the front-desk staff a lot of calls, which of course led to improved efficiency and performance in the staff. The feature was made to be easy for them to update, so they only update a box and the value of that box gets populated in various areas across the website immediately. It was a well-liked feature by both the client and it’s visitors.

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