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Service Status

In the interest of full transparency and to proactively notify clients to any possible maintenance or service outages, I offer a detailed Status Page for all clients to check on the status of the webmail apps, email servers, web servers, analytics servers, and many more.


I am only able to be proactive in resolving issues with a detailed system for alerting me to any issues, which I achieve by utilizing various monitoring tools. These monitoring tools not only alert me to any outages or problems, but update the Status Page directly as well in an automated fashion. This allows you to see any changes to the services I offer at the same time I do. I monitor basically everything that I can to be sure I can stay on top of all possible issues as their arise (or even before they arise if I can help it). Monitoring is for both public services and internal services so I can keep everything running as smooth as possible.

Maintenance Windows

Be aware of upcoming maintenance windows that may impact services to you by subscribing to any updates on the Status Page. You can subscribe to all components, or just the components you care about. For example, if you’re an email-only client, you likely won’t care if the DNS servers or Web servers are down, so you can subscribe only to the Email server component if you wish to keep email alerts down to the absolute minimum.

To subscribe to alerts by email for any maintenance windows or outages of services, visit the Status Page and hit the Subscribe button, enter your email address, and acknowledge the email that arrives for confirmation. 

Documentation / Support Articles

I write extensive documentation for my clients, including high-level for all clients (on shared topics) but also I write private documentation for each client that is specific to their needs.

The higher-level documentation for shared topics is on setting up email/mailboxes in common client applications, managing your user account, resetting your account password, and much more. 


Account Management

Vault (Bitwarden)


Coming soon. Planned for H2 2024.