Managing spam/junk messages

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My mail server will learn what is spam and what is not spam depending on two actions:

  1. Moving a message into the spam folder
  2. Moving a message out of the spam folder

When a message is moved into the spam folder, the system learns to identity this type of message or sender as spam/junk for the future. Conversely, when a message is in the spam folder and then is moved out, it identifies it as non-spam and will aim to no longer mark the message as spam in the future.

The spam system in place requires at least 50 messages in the spam folder to learn from. This requirement helps prevent false-positives, especially for a new mailbox.

Mark as spam

If you have a message that you consider to be spam/junk, simply move it to the default system folder named “Spam”. This is the folder the spam system reviews for learning what is spam.