Logging in to Cloudron

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Cloudron is the application platform I utilize to manage user accounts and deploy new applications for clients. It provides a lot of advantages to me and my clients and so you will see references to Cloudron in the documentation – please know that Cloudron is the name of the server-side application which you will use periodically to change passwords, manage settings, quickly load applications which you have permission to access, and much more.

In most cases you will simply be using your credentials for email access but you will need to eventually login to Cloudron to reset or change your password, manage your password recovery email address, and more. When you login to Cloudron you can also have quick access to the various webmail applications and domain-owned resources such as your website.

The Login Process

To login to Cloudron to manage your user account, visit https://www.d19.ca/user-login in your web browser.