More Performance Improvements – February 2021

Big changes were made a little earlier this month, including:

+ Moving datacentre locations (still in Canada… servers located in Montreal)
+ Improving host performance with more memory and better CPU cores

First… why? Well, I was starting to push the resources on the host server I was running earlier and while there was never any negative impact, it hampered my ability for growth and for adding new features I had planned for later this year. So this meant it was time to move to a datacentre location where I could easily grow my resources for long-term growth to better support my clients needs. This meant moving to a datacentre in Montreal, Qebec which allowed for this growth.

Soon after I made that change, I also took the step in purchasing a more powerful server. This new host server is running about double the memory as the previous one, and with (slightly) more powerful CPU cores too. I also offloaded some of the data on the server to an external disk in the network, allowing for better performance and easier backups, which all in-turn result in improved performance for my clients and allow for future growth of my business.

As one example where the more powerful server has helped…

I had done a lot of performance tuning for all my client websites over the past several months with large improvements to load times. And while the load times were great, they weren’t as awesome as they could be. A simple switch in the hardware underneath it all has helped squeeze out even more performance. Of course the improvement varies per site but most are about 0.5 – 1 second faster, and also helps improve the Google Web Vital scores.

Before server upgrade:

After server upgrade:

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