Improving domain DNS security with DNSSEC

DNSSEC is a security extension to the DNS protocol. It’s purpose is to secure the DNS systems by cryptographic key exchanges between the client and the domain name servers. This prevents a type of attack called “DNS Cache Poisoning” which can send people to the wrong server when looking up a domain name after being affected by a hacker to implement the wrong IP address for a domain name lookup.

Since security is always a priority, I have been migrating the domains I manage for my clients to a new domain registrar which supports DNSSEC – a security extension of the DNS protocol. I have enabled this for all domains that have been migrated, will be enabling this for each domain as they are migrated down the road. All new domains registered will also have DNSSEC enabled by default. At the time of this writing, about 75% of the domains I manage for my clients have been migrated and are now secured further using DNSSEC.

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