Build Your Digital Brand

I will establish an online presence for you.

Website Design

Need an online presence or an upgrade to an existing one? I can make that happen at very reasonable prices., working closely with you.

Hosting & Domains

Web and email hosting in secure Canadian data centres, on managed virtual servers. One domain is included for free with each annual hosting package.

SEO Services

Want to be found better in search engines and other online services? Search Engine Optimization and business listings are what you need. I can do that.

Hosting & Domains

I provide website & email hosting and manage many domain names for my clients, as a freelancer. 

Website Hosting

I like to keep it simple, so there is only one all-inclusive hosting package available, and it comes with the following highlighted features:
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage
  • Unlimited email mailboxes & aliases
    • Spam and antivirus filtering provided for all hosted mailboxes
    • Mailboxes can use the provided webmail access or utilize the IMAP & SMTP services
  • One domain
    • Unlimited more domains can be purchased
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Shared IP
    • A dedicated IP can be purchased
As you can tell, the package I provide is effectively “unlimited” in resources, within reason of course. Please see the FAQ for further details on this. A dedicated server may be necessary for you if you have very high resource requirements.

Server Feature Highlights

My web & email servers are configured with the following:

  • Daily backups for disaster recovery and data integrity
  • Analytics services for tracking key website metrics
    • Access to on-demand/live analytical data for your website
    • Weekly or monthly reports included as requested in PDF
  • SSL certificates for secure website and email communication
  • Hosted in secured Canadian data centres free from US law
  • Security updates automatically applied daily to keep it secure

Domain Management

For domains, I can register and manage them for you. This is a free service with a website hosting package. I’ll help take care of the following:

  • Registering it on your behalf (you own it, not me!)
  • Keeping the WHOIS data up-to-date and secured with privacy protection
  • Setting the name servers
  • Dealing with the domain registrar on your behalf to save you time and money.

Website Design

  • Mobile-First
  • Basic SEO
  • Speed & Performance
  • Secured with SSL
  • Social Networking
  • Analytics

I can design a fresh new website for you or re-design an existing website, whatever you prefer. Each website built now will include the following features:

  • Mobile-friendly / mobile-first web design
    • Did you know that most website traffic comes from mobile devices these days? It’s usually best to focus on your mobile visitors experience first. In fact, Google even prioritizes mobile-friendly websites in search results now.
  • Basic SEO implemented
    • Advanced SEO services available
  • Optimized for speed and performance, especially for mobile devices on a wireless network
  • Social networking features, if requested
  • Website analytics code for tracking key metrics useful for future development
    • This can be disabled if desired

Reasons to have a website:

  • Give you or your business an online presence to attract new customers
  • Track analytical data on your website such as visitor resolutions, countries, plug-ins, etc.

The websites I typically do are built and run on the WordPress platform. I take this route because it makes it very easy for you or your colleagues to take control of your data and the ability to to keep it updated without relying on me, saving you time and money!

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is critical to visitors finding your website. Without effective SEO, search engines such as Google and Bing will have trouble finding your website, delays in crawling it for changes, lower rankings in search results, and much more. Each website will come with basic SEO at the time of design, but I can offer several different types of SEO with advanced capabilities:

  • Website: Ensuring the website itself is capable of allowing search engines to crawl its pages and content, and eliminating any possible crawl errors that can occur.
  • Localization: Ensuring your business contact info can be found and is consistently written across popular local and review-focused websites where people go to find local businesses such as Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook Places, Google Businesses, and more.
  • Social Media: Ensuring data consistency across all social media profiles, adding in any missing information, and more.
  • Content: Working with you to build content and a long-term game plan for adding to the content pile at a rate that is expected in your specific industry which can get the most focus on your business from various places across the web.

Ideally, all three would be worked on and improved as in most cases these are all related and help contribute to one another for the ultimate “online brand” to be found online. However, if time and money is a constraint, we can work together to determine what the best focus would be so you get the best bank for your buck. I don’t like selling something I can’t back or something a client does’t actually need, so you can expect a lot of honest advice from me to ensure you can succeed with your online adventures.

Additional Services

The services above are hosted by Dustin Dauncey. The password manager is free. More details will be posted shortly on the password manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ below serves as a resource for answering the common questions I receive, and to provide more information on various topics.

It is virtually unlimited. Consumption of resources must be reasonable, not impact the performance of other shared sites, and can’t be used for simply hosting backups. I’ve never personally had to limit any client’s usage of the services I provide, which is why I call it “unlimited”, but of course some limitations will apply if anything becomes unreasonable in terms of resource usage. Trust me though, you won’t be caught off guard at all, as I will know ahead of time how many resources will be used as I build or migrate an existing website.

Due to pricing and availability, the servers I operate are located in a data centre in Toronto. I’d love to get servers closer to my clients in the Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley area but it is not financially feasible at this time, unfortunately. The location of these servers is subject to change, but my servers will always be located on Canadian soil in order to provide services to clients in the healthcare/medical field and to ensure your data is only applicable to Canadian law.


Below is a portfolio of some of the websites I have designed or been a part of in the past. This includes current work and past projects.


Want to see some references? No problem!