I love my family and friends, and I continue to fight Cystic Fibrosis. I am incredibly passionate about technology and enjoy using it to solve problems.

I’ve always been of the mindset that technology is a powerful force in the world. It has the power to solve many of the world’s problems when implemented correctly. I have always enjoyed exploring technology and its impact in the world. 

I currently work full-time as a Sr Support Engineer with a Fortune 1000 company. I also do some freelance work as a website designer and web host. I design websites for small businesses across the Metro Vancouver area. It’s a hobby I enjoy, and it keeps me on my toes.

My website serves as a means for me to convey my story, offer up my contact details, provide my resume, and document my freelance business content.


Phone: +1 (604) 831-3782
Email: dustin@d19.ca
Address: 15-47045 Sylvan Dr, Chilliwack, BC, V2R 0X6

I prefer text messages to calls, but contact me however you see fit.

You can also use the form below to send me a message.


I can be found on LinkedIn, and a copy of my résumé in PDF is located here.