MxWellness by Nancy


Nancy approached me on Facebook, asking if I could do a website up for her freelance massage business. I was flattered and immediately put together an inexpensive quote for her to review. Soon after, it was accepted by Nancy and the website creation began. Nancy informed me of her preferences for colours, background images, service […]

Terminal City Iron Works


Ron came to me with a task: migrate an already-built website that was hosted by Yellow Pages at that time. What was interesting about this, was it was a unique task for me. I say unique because I was not building it from scratch initially and was not migrating an existing site, because as it […]


Stratakleen scaled 1

Stratakleen website I was a President on my Strata, and was through that introduced to Stratakleen as the company that our strata agent had contracted for cleaning our building and taking care of other services such as key FOB management. As it turned out, this business did not have a website, so I approached them […]